Memorial Flowers

A time honoured memorial to loved ones, you can choose a stand for a fresh display, a seasonal basket/trough or a posy holder ready for your silk flowers.

Flower Display Stand

This allows you to display your own flowers, on a day that is special to you. A popular option so you are advised to book early for Easter and Christmas.

A limited number of stands are available in the:

  • Hall of Remembrance
  • Chapel of Meditation

You can:

  • order a named stand to be displayed in your chosen location for a week
  • bring your own choice of floral tribute for your loved one(s) after noon on the first day
  • inform us if you want to remove the flowers yourself

We will:

  • remove flowers one week after they have been placed on site
  • remove any additional memorabilia (for example, cards, photos, ceramic¬†objects, toys)
Floral stand

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Downloads / Other useful documents:

Guidelines for Floral Arrangements

Hanging Baskets and Flower Troughs

Lease and Renewal

Fee includes:

  • a one year lease
  • a dedication plaque
  • planting twice a year in the spring and autumn
  • option to renew

Located surrounding the entrance to the:

  • South Chapel
  • East Chapel
  • Office
  • Tea Room

To Order:

Remains of your loved one can be laid to rest in a lawn area as near as possible to the location of the memorial or you may choose a preferred area of the Gardens of Remembrance.

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Downloads / Other useful documents:

Memorial Fees April 2022

South Essex Crematorium Memorial Terms and Conditions

Posy Vase Memorial

Located in the shelter of selected summer houses.

Lease and Renewal
Fee includes:

  • ten year lease
  • label prepared by calligrapher
  • two line inscription with name and dates
  • option to renew

Selecting a Vase position
We can choose a position for you but if you would prefer to make the choice:

  • take name and/or no. of the plaque above/below/left and right of your preferred position
  • select four positions in order of preference
  • contact us by telephone or here, where possible we will reserve your first choice for 28 days
  • make an appointment with one of our staff who will ensure you view a plan of the Posy Vases in your preferred location

To order:

  • download the application form below or
  • make an appointment with one of our staff at South Essex Crematorium

Additional memorabilia will not be permitted in the Summer House either on or at the foot of the wall. Any unauthorised items will be removed.

Posy Vase