Rainham Cemetery

A small, well visited cemetery with strong local links, Rainham has a distinctive chapel of historic value that has recently undergone a major internal and external refurbishment.

We began carrying out memorial safety inspections in this cemetery on the 28 Februrary 2019.  We are placing a yellow warning triangle on memorials that  have been found to be unsafe.

If there is a yellow triangle on the grave you are visiting, please do not remove it.  Please speak to one of our grounds staff or contact the office as this memorial is a safety risk.

Memorials are the responsibility of the owner.  We will inform owners that their memorial is unsafe and they will need to contact a memorial mason to arrange to make the memorial safe.  If we cannot contact the owner we will take minimal steps to make the memorial safe within six months of placing the warning triangle.

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Cemetery Features

Rainham Cemetery is based in Upminster Road North, Rainham and was opened in 1902. There are no new graves available, so a burial can only take place in a plot that is already owned.

• 3 Acres
• Traditional Chapel, seating 40
• Pre-recorded music
• Limited free parking in the cemetery and on nearby roads

You can choose to purchase a:

• Mini Headstone Cremated Remains Plot (limited)
• Traditional Cremated Remains Plot (currently unavailable)

Click here for more information on memorial safety testing.