Tree / Garden Memorials

Whether a leaf on our bronzed Memorial Tree or a living memorial, shrubs and trees remain a popular way to remember loved ones.

Leaf on Memorial Tree

The Memorial Tree is located in our Hall of Remembrance, offering protection from the elements for both your memorial and its visitors. The remains of your loved one can be laid to rest in our Gardens of Remembrance in a location of your choice.

Lease and Renewal

The fee includes:

  • 10 year lease
  • a bronzed leaf
  • inscription up to six lines (if the name is on line one)
  • inscription of up to five lines (if the name is on lines two, three or four)
  • option to renew

To choose the exact position in which your leaf will be placed we offer Selection Advice:

  • download photo maps
  • visit the Hall of Remembrance
  • select four leaf positions in order of preference
  • contact us using the Memorial Tree Enquiry Form
Memorial Leaves


If you wish to add a name to your leaf during the lease period you will need to:

  • purchase a replacement leaf
  • pay an administration fee

If you decide not to renew the lease you may collect the plaque from our office by appointment or pay a small fee for us to send it to you. Additional memorabilia will not be permitted in the Hall of Remembrance either on or at the foot of the Memorial Tree. Any unauthorised items will be removed.

Changes to your leaf memorial

If you wish to add a name to your leaf during the lease period you may purchase a replacement leaf. In addition to the cost of the leaf, an administration fee will be payable

Shrub or Tree

Living memorials are popular with families who want to remember more than two loved ones.

Lease and renewal
The fee includes:

  • 10 year lease
  • the first stem or strap plaque
  • the right to have up to three plaques during the lease, with more than one dedication on each plaque
  • inscription of up to 80 characters over six lines
  • option to renew
Lawn general

If you wish to add another name at a later date, you will need to pay for:

  • a replacement plaque or
  • an additional plaque
  • the rights to have a further dedication on the shrub or tree for the remainder of the lease, (a fixed fee within the first year of the lease, thereafter a fee per year remaining on the lease)

You can renew your lease:

  • if it has fewer than five years to run, thereby adding ten years on to the existing lease end date
  • for five or ten years

At the end of the lease if you decide not to renew you may:

  • collect the plaque from our office by appointment or
  • pay a small fee for us to send it to you.

Selecting your shrub or tree

  • please contact the crematorium office by telephone or
  • complete the Memorial enquiry form here
  • we will provide you with a map(s) and details of those available (they will have a white laminated tag attached to them displaying their memorial number)

To reserve a memorial:

  • we recommend that you visit during office hours and make an appointment so that we can help you
  • note the memorial number but do not remove the white tag
  • select several, in order of preference, where possible, we will reserve your first choice for you for 28 days.

To order:

  • download an application form here
  • if you have not reserved a memorial and want us to allocate leave the “Plaque No.” and “Position” blank


shrub with stem plaques (1)
strap plaque on tree