Families’ Local, Life-changing Generosity

When families apply for the cremation of a loved one they are always given the opportunity to have any metals remaining returned to them. Soft metals such as gold and silver melt during the cremation process and are not recoverable.

At some time in our lives many of us may benefit from an operation to replace a joint or have a metal insert to assist the repair of a bone. Eventually if we chose to be cremated these metal implants will remain in the ashes following cremation. You may wonder, what happens to them?


Whilst all of an individual’s remains are recovered and are held safely, any metals have been traditionally removed from the ashes and stored until there is a sufficient quantity to be buried in the grounds.

This has become less acceptable on environmental grounds and metals used for implants are special medical grade stainless steel, titanium and cobalt chrome, all produced from non-renewable resources.

The outstanding generosity of next of kin allows us to belong to the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management’s dedicated recycling scheme. A specialist company carries out periodic collections. Metals are taken for separation, sorting and smelting in Sheffield and amongst other uses, are employed to manufacture new orthopaedic implants.
The scheme donates all its surplus to bereavement related charities.

The scheme has made it possible for the crematorium to help:

  •  St Francis Hospice
  •  Havering and Brentwood Bereavement Service (HBBS)
  •  Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity
  •  Together for Short Lives
  •  Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy, SUDEP Action
  •  Mitchell’s Miracles, supporting families affected by Neuroblastoma Childhood Cancer
  • Havens Hospices
  • The Alzheimer's Society
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH)
  • The Hospice Biographers