You do not have to own a memorial to have a loved one laid to rest in our Gardens. However, following the funeral you may find it comforting to have somewhere to visit. You can have a memorial in the Gardens of Remembrance even if the deceased was cremated or buried somewhere else. Similarly, you do not have to be an executor or the person who organised the funeral to choose a memorial.

Advance notice to determine the possibility of a new childrens' memorial located on Lawn 78

We are currently considering options to complement our existing children's areas.  Initial plans are being considered for a new children's memorial garden to be situated in the centre of Lawn 78.

Plans would include a central feature with small benches and a choice of memorials set within a tranquil, landscaped environment.

We will not disturb any remains laid to rest in the lawn.  If you visit the area and would like to talk to a member of the management team about these proposals please contact us.  We will be happy to discuss the current proposals and to meet with you and visit the area together.

Range of Memorials

A special place to visit or an item that incorporates cremated remains, are amongst the wide range of memorials we can offer you. The choices facing you after a cremation may seem bewildering. Our knowledgeable staff understand that each bereavement and family is unique. They can offer sensitive and professional advice about the options available to you.

You may wish to choose an urn to keep your loved one at home, indoors or in the garden, or a distinctive container in which to lay their remains to rest in a cemetery.


Holding a Memorial Service

You may wish to hold a service before the committal of remains in our Gardens or if the cremation of your loved one took place elsewhere, you can hold a local memorial service in any of our chapels.
If you require a minister/celebrant your funeral director will be able to advise you.