Music & Audio Visuals

Meaningful music is an integral feature of most funeral services. As part of an act of worship and/or to remember those special moments that marked the life of your loved one.  In partnership with Obitus,  a leading UK provider of bereavement technology services, we are able to ensure that you can choose from widest possible selection of music and artists.

A live and on demand webcast or keepsake recording of the service is available on DVD, Blu-Ray, USB memory stick or audio CD in a presentation case.


Choice of Options

Chapel Recorded Music using Obitus CD/DVD
Recording of service (1)
or burned CDs
South ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Not permitted
East ✔ ✔ ✔ - Not permitted
✔ - - - Not permitted
- - - - - Not permitted
✔ - - - - Not permitted

(1) Additional fee applies


Choosing your music

If you are the Applicant for a cremation or burial you may contact us to obtain a password allowing you to view the extensive Obitus  music and hymn library at

If you have a unique family recording, video or music, your funeral director can upload this to Obitus or provide you with a unique Username and Password for you to do so yourself.

For friends and relatives unable to attend

You can order:

  • a keepsake copy of the service on a DVD, Blu-Ray, USB memory stick or audio CD in a presentation box  
  • a Live and On Demand Webcast; a high quality webcast available for 28 days and on request, a downloadable link

Your funeral director will provide you with a user name and password that you may share with family and friends to watch the service live at


A unique Visual Tribute to your loved one is available in the South Chapel only.

  • A Halo Photo - A photo of your loved one may be shown, free of charge, throughout the service or at a time of your choosing
  • A Slide Show  -  Up to 25 photos played on a loop throughout the service or at a specified point with simple fade transitions; does not include music
  • A Music Tribute - Up to 25 photos set to music, professionally edited into a video-style tribute, shown at a time of your choosing
  • A Pro-Tribute will be included in any recording of the service and is available as a separate Keepsake or download if required. 

For babies and children under 18, we provide a complimentary Live Webcast with a free Halo Photo and a Slideshow.

How to order all music and audio visual items
Just let your funeral arranger know what you require and they will order eveything on your behalf.