Music & Audio Visuals

Meaningful music is an integral feature of most funeral services. As part of an act of worship and/or to remember those special moments that marked the life of your loved one. By using our Wesley Media system we are able to ensure that you can choose from widest possible selection of music and artists, as well as having an organist to play if you wish.

Whilst numbers attending services are limited due to COVID-19, we have reduced our webcast fee to £30.00.  If you require an audio or audio visual recording of a service, it is available, at the usual fee of £60.00 and will be supplied as a download, not a DVD or a USB, at present.

If you have ordered a webcast of a funeral at South Essex Crematorium please ensure that you and anyone you have shared the login details with, have read the following important notice Important Notice re: Webcast Provision -COVID-19



Choice of Options

Chapel Recorded Music using Wesley Media Organ CD/DVD
Recording of service (1)
or burned CDs
South Not permitted
East - Not permitted

- - - Not permitted
- - - - Not permitted
- - - - Not permitted

(1) Additional fee applies


Choosing your music

You can view our music library at

  • select client general libraries or client hymn libraries and in the drop down box select South Essex Crematorium
  •  if the piece of music you want is not in our library you can request it; Wesley Media will endeavour to supply any items commercially available, they will give you a unique reference number which you need to tell us when you order your music

If you have a unique family recording please contact Wesley Music for advice:

For friends and relatives unable to attend
You can order:

Temporary changes to this service during the COVID-19 period.

  • an audio visual recording on DVD or pen drive
  • an audio recording on CD or pen drive
  • a web cast, (available via a secure link with viewing available for up to seven days following the service)


A unique Visual Tribute to your loved one is available in the South Chapel only.

  • a series of your photos/video played on a loop throughout the service or at a specified point
  • This can be embedded into an audio visual recording if specifically requested

How to order all music (incl. organ) /audio visual items
Your funeral arranger will need to send us a music request form to arrive in our office no later than:

  • 10 am the day before a cremation service
  • 10 am, 48 hours before a cremation service with a Visual Tribute
  • 10 am, 48 hours before a burial service
  • for unusual requests or family recordings please allow extra time

If you require a Webcast or Visual Tribute please ensure that on the form, you provide us with an email address.

For a Webcast you will receive:

  • an email confirming the secure link and password

For a Visual Tribute you will receive:

  • an email confirming your username and password
  • a web address, where a Wesley Cloud upload folder will be set up and to which you can upload your photos
  • an email address you can use to correspond directly with Wesley Media to confirm how you wish the materials to be used
  • a cut off date and time
  • following the above, a low resolution preview to view the contents and format

Downloads / Other useful documents:

Music Request Form
Visual Tribute Guidelines