Book of Remembrance Memorials

An inscription in the Book of Remembrance is an enduring memorial with no lease to renew, that may be viewed in the comfort of the Upminster Hall of Remembrance, where a dedicated Children's Book of Remembrance is also available,  or in the Memorial Chapel in Romford Cemetery


Viewing your entry

You can choose the day that you would like to view the entry each year. When you visit you will see:

  • six volumes
  • displayed in handcrafted oak cabinets
  • two pages per day in each book (please ensure that you check them all when searching for your entry)

In the Hall of Remembrance, South Essex Crematorium, entries may be viewed using the Digital Book of Remembrance. 


Designing your entry

Your entry should have:

  • two to eight lines
  • surname followed by first name(s) of the deceased on line one
  • your own unique tribute to the deceased on the remaining lines

One way of doing this is to have a motif hand painted by our calligrapher to reflect an aspect of your loved one’s life:

  • A football club badge; regimental insignia; a favourite hobby, e.g. a ball of wool and a pair of needles or paint palette; a plant/flower; shoes or toys
  • simply describe the item or provide a picture or photo to be copied.
  • an additional fee applies
  • you will need to have a minimum of 5 lines



The books are sent away to the calligrapher to be updated. The date by which you must apply is shown clearly at the top of the application form.

Copies of the entry that you place in the Book of Remembrance can be ordered using the same form as an entry in the Book and are available as a:

  • Card, (a simple replica of one entry)
  • Mini Book, (with space for up to six entries this may become a valued family memento)
  • Triptych, (a three part folder for display).

Additional Floral tributes
You may not leave flowers or other memorabilia on the floor or cabinets in the Hall of Remembrance; they will be removed. If you wish to have a floral arrangement on display you may order a Floral Display Stand for which there is a fee.